How to Make Rye Sourdough Bread

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700 g of water is about 3 cups and I heated the water for 30 seconds in the microwave to 80°

I created leaven the night before adding 200 g of water and flour into the existing starter. It is ready to use now and I'll add 200 g of it into the dough.

Measuring the length and into a cup measure

I add the leaven to a metal bowl.

Add the water to the leaven in the bowl.

Add 100 g of dark rye flour.

Begin adding 900 grams of flour.

I'm adding the white flour directly in the bowl, checking scale as I do. No measuring cups.

Mix everything with your hands, using a spatula now and then to scrape the bottom.

Let the dough sit for twenty minutes.

Measure 20 grams of salt.

Get 50 grams of Water

Add salt and water to dough and mix in by hand.

This is a wet feeling dough. B

Place the dough in a container for the first rise.

Turn the dough in the container, pulling it up and stretching it before folding it back in.

Cover the dough and let sit several hours, turning it as in the preceding step every half hour.

I turned the dough and then pushed it back in.

After the rise, pour the dough on a clean work surface.

Scrape out any dough that sticks to the container.


The dough is ready.


Sprinkle flour lightly over the top of the dough.


Using the dough spatula, cut the dough in half. Flip wach half over so that the floured top is on the bottom.


Use the dough spatula and turn each of the sides up over onto the center and gently form a round shape.


Allow the two loaves to sit for 10 to 20 min., which is called the bench rest.


Add equal amounts of wheat flour and rice flour in a bowl.


Mix the two flours together.


Line two cloths inside a bowl and use the flour to coat the inside.


Now form a round loaf by taking the two ends nearest you, lifting them and then folding them on top. Repeat for each side.


Lift the round loaf and place topside down in the cloth-lined bowl.


The inverted loaf sits in the basket or bowl.


Cover with a towel and set aside for several hours; this is the second rise. I put one loaf in the refrigerator for a longer, delayed rise in colder conditions. I'll bake that loaf tomorrow.


I use a Dutch oven and put it in a 500 degree oven to preheat.


Sprinkle the rice and wheat flour mixture over the top of the loaf.


Turn out the loaf into the pan and the cut several slits in the top. Turn the oven to 450° and put the top on the Dutch oven.


Remove the top of the Dutch oven and continue cooking for 25 min. Note the dough has risen nicely.


Remove the Dutch oven.


The finished loaf on a rack to cool.


After cooling, slice for eating.

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