How to Create a Bronze Smokey Eye

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Gather your materials for this look.

We are using four brown tone colors from Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow palette.

First, start off with a clean face and no eye make up.

The benefit of using eyeshadow primer is to prevent creasing, to allow the eyeshadow colors to pop and to allow the eye make up last much longer. We are using Urban Decay's primer potion.

Apply a couple dabs of the primer to your eyelids and smooth all over. Wait a couple seconds for the product to set.

Using a c-shaped eyeshadow brush, take a bit of the golden bronze color such as "Half-baked".

Apply this golden bronze color all over your lid.

Using the other side of your c-shaped eyeshadow brush, dab the copper brown shade "Smog".

Apply this copper brown color on the outer corner of your eyes to create a cat-eye gradient effect.

Use a fluffy brush to blend out the harsh lines. Redo this step as many times as needed to blend colors.

Take a different clean eyeshadow brush and dab a bit of the dark brown shadow such as "Darkhorse". Make sure to use this product sparingly depending on the pigmentation of your eyeshadow.

With a light hand use the dark brown color to contour your crease to give your eyes more depth and dimension.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and take the dark brown color again.

Use the dark brown color at the outer half on the bottom of your lash line to balance out the top smokey eye as a soft eyeliner.

Repeat with the golden bronze color in the inner half of the lower lash line. The golden bronze color hear will brighten up your eyes.

Use your liquid eyeliner to line as close to your lash line as possible.

I like to go beyond the eye with the eyeliner to create a small wing to elongate your eye.

Apply a very dark mascara that will hold your curl.

Also apply mascara to the lower eyelashes.


Finished close up look...


Slightly fill in your eyebrows with the matte brown color "Buck" and your bronze smokey eye look is finished!

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