How to Make a Balloon Dog Puppy

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Balloon pump, qualatex balloons, and sharpie

Inflate one balloon to approx 10" and tie off remaining balloon . Inflate second balloon to approx 22" (leaving approx 5" tail)

Cut off excess balloon (from the short one only) after tying off

Make a chain of 4 bubbles- approx 2", 2", .5", 2".

Twist together bubbles # 2 & #4 . Always twist 3 times (in the same direction)

Front view

Twist a half inch bubble and hold it while you twist the next bubbles...

3 bubble chain with .5" , 1.5" , 1.5". These are the neck and front legs.

Twist together the two 1.5" bubbles (again in the same direction and 3 times)

Twist a 2" section for the tummy and hold it while you twist the legs

Make a 3- bubble chain 2", 1.5", 1.5". Twist the two 1.5" bubbles together for the back legs as you did for the front legs. Make sure that something is left for the tail.

Straighten out all the groups of bubbles

Twist the tail in half- making sure to leave a bubble against back legs to hold it together (and be the back end)

Squeeze top bubble into uninflated portion of the balloon

If possible, tie off top bubble

Here we are... ready for the ears

Take bubble at the top of the head - lift and squeeze the bubble, while gently twisting 3 times in the same direction

It should look like a bean

View from the front

Take second balloon and fold in half


And twist at the center ...


Attach to top of head at connection made by pinch twist


Gently give the ears a little shape by bending in half and then releasing


Do both ears


Add artwork w/ sharpie and voila! a cute little balloon puppy dog


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