How to Write a Good Story

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Once you have a good idea, write down the characters that are main. Make sure to add what they look like, and their personality so you don't forget to write that in the story.

Once you have the characters personality and looks mapped out , I would recommend you find pictures of what you want your characters to look like. (left, Claire. Right, Courtney)

Write. Write everything you think of because it can be edited later.

Go back and edit your story. Delete things you don't like, add things, change things, correct your grammar. It helps if you have a friend assist you in editing your story.

Make sure you take note of all the settings that you have used so if you want, you can go back and try to make it more clear where the setting is supposed to be.

Go back and think of all the titles that YOU LIKE that have something to do with the story. Pick a title that is intriguing, not a title that gives away the whole story.

When you are done, make your own cover, or ask someone to make a cover for you. I chose this cover because everything is drab, like jail, and you're not really sure what you're looking at, like Claire

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