How to Make a Balloon Mad Birds Parody

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Here are the supplies. I've tried to make this as simple as possible, but it's not what I would call a beginners balloon :-)

Inflate the 11" red balloon to approx 8" . The balloon should just start to look balloon shaped , but still very squishy.

Inflate the two 5" white balloons to about 2.5" each and tie together

Like this (this is called a duplet and is one of the building blocks of balloon decor )

Inflate the yellow 260 to about 12-13" .

Twist off a 1.5" bubble

And fold it onto the rest of the balloon creating ado double bubble set. Tie it off by wrapping the nozzle in and out of the seam

Then collapse the bubbles onto themselves and twist around to make double pinch twists

Make a 4" bubble

And a 2" bubble and twist into the pinch twists at bottom

Then cut the rest off

Like this

Attach the pinch twists to the nozzle of the red balloon

Like this....

And then twist the whir round balloons into it

Like so...

Inflate the black 260 to about 8", then tie off and trim the rest

Fold it in half to find the center point

And twist one side at the center to make a joint between them (hint keep hold of both sides until it is attached to the rest of the piece)

Now twist it into the eyes/ beak


Like so...


And add artwork ... A very mad bird! Copyright Balloon Utopia tm 2012.


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