How to Make a Balloon Easter Egg Basket

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4 260 balloons and 3-4 11" round balloons

Inflate 260 balloons leaving a 3-4" tail

Inflate the 11" balloons with only a puff of air. Then tie off and cut off necks.

Like so

Take the first 260 balloon and put a little bubble at the end. Control the bubble while you do the same on the second 260

Attach one of the ends approx 7" up from the little bubble at the end. Then do the same on the other balloon

Like so

Make a little bubble to go up a level. We're going to make a flat weave.

Attach one side to the other using the little bubble as the anchor point.

And do the same on the other side

Roll them around each other to easily connect them

Like so.

And again (4 layers)

All 4

Take off the excess at ends by twisting off a bubble, and then cutting the balloon at the end to release excess air, and tying off

After tying off, curt off excess.

Like so...

Take the next set of 260 balloons

Twist the ends together with small bubbles

Twist the balloons together. (tiphold bottom where the balloons are connected w knees and use hands to spiral balloons around each other...)


When you get close to the end, squeeze and twist together (3 times)


Like so


Tie off ends and trim off excess


Attach to one of the little bubbles hanging off the flat weave


Like so


And do the same to the other side making the basket


Then add eggs... Copyright Balloon Utopia tm


Cute balloon Easter egg basket Copyright Balloon Utopia tm

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