How to Brew a Simcoe IPA Beer

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I reccomend using the recipe book from Brooklyn Brew Shop, includes 52 one gallon brew recipes. Use a digital scale to weigh all of the grains out.

Your grains should be milled, you can use a rubber mallet or use the mill at a home brew shop. Combine the grains into one bowl

Stir the dry grains. I do this to make sure the grains have an equal distribution when steeping in the pot.

Bring a pot of 12 cups of water to 160 degrees and stir in the grains this step is called mashing in and commonly referred as the mash.

Once the grains are added the temp will drop. Monitor the temp for 1 hour and maintain a temperature of 148-155 degrees. Stir and check the temp every 10 minutes

At the 30 minute mark, fill a second pot with one gallon of water. With 17 minutes remaining on you mash, start the boil of the one gallon water and heat to 170 degrees.

At the end of the 60 minute mash turn the temp up and gently stir until the mash reaches 170 degrees. This is called mashing out.

Pour the mash over a strainer into a second pot. This is called sparging. Pour the gallon of water that is at 170degrees over the sparge and repeat three times. This is extracting the sugars.

Once this is done you should have what is called the wort in the pot. Remove the strainer and dump the spent grains in trash. Place the pot on the burner and turn to a high heat to start the boil.

Divide out your 5/8 ounces of hops into 6 even groupings (6ths).

Bring the wort to a boil. Once it foams turn down the heat to bring it to a slow boil and add the first 6th of hops. Start a 60 minute timer.

This recipe requires Simcoe hop pellets. This is the remaining hop groupings.

Add another addition of hops at 15, 30, 45 and 55 minutes during the boil.

Prepare and ice bath with 10 minutes left in the boil. Dump one bag of ice and fill with about 4 inches of water

At the end of 60 minutes turn off the heat and add the last 6th of hops.

Cover the pot

Place the covered pot in the ice bath. Keep an eye on the pot so it does not tilt much. Depending on the water height you may need to remove some water.

Monitor the temp and let the wort drop to 70 degrees. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I like to add the second bag of ice periodically to the bath to help bring down the temp.

Open the safale S-04 package and prepare half a packet of the yeast.

Once the wort reaches 70 degrees, prepare a setup that allows you to siphon from the pot to the one gallon jug. Use a funnel and a strainer when transferring the wort.


Once the wort is transferred add the half packet of the s-04 yeast to the carbouy. Sanitize your thumb and cover the carbouy top and shake aggressively.


Plug the jug with your rubber stopper and add the blow off tube. Place the carbouy in a dark cool place and put the other end of the tube into a cup filled with sanitizer.


Fermentation should start in 24 hours or less. After 3-4 days and the process has slowed down. Replace the tube with the air lock cap.


I will update this guide in the next two days. Showing fermentation and guidance for the couple of steps. Fermentation may take between 12 and 14 days.


About 18 hours later you should see healthy fermentation as shown. This should continue for 3-4 more days. Keeps in a dark cool spot that maintains at least and ambient temp of 64-68 degrees.


In 4 more days I will update showing how to remove the blow off tube and place in an airlock cap.

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