How to Make a Good Girl Gone Bad Jean Jacket Vest

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Get a jean jacket! A vest or one with sleeves is fine

Gather up your random decorations for your jacket! If you like, you could purchase bows, pendants, button pins, etc. from a craft store. These are random things from my room!

Organize your cute, good girl things into one pile. (Bows, anything pink colored, peace signs, etc.)

Now do the same with your bad girl things! I used studs from an old shirt, crosses, chains, and a perler bead heart in a rib cage that I made.

Time to plug in your glue gun and get that baby heated up an ready to glue stuff!

Glue the back of the decoration by making a circle to only outline the edges with glue

Press it down for 5 seconds and allow it to dry for 5 minutes

This is how my good girl side of my vest looks! You can rearrange them any way you want. Just make sure there is space in between the decorations.

Do the same for the "bad" side. Putting the studs on the shoulders gives it a nice touch!

Voila! A bad girl/ good girl jacket! You'll have a jean jacket that will make you stand out from the rest! This jacket should be hand washed with cold water and hang dried so nothing will come off.

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