How to Make Bold Gold Dramatic Look

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A quick look at the finished product

These are the brushes that we will be using1. Blending brush 2. Small lip brush 3. Angled eyeliner brush

As always we are using MAC's paintpot in "Painterly" to avoid greasy eyelids and to make sure the eyeshadow lasts all day

This is how you would apply the primer to the lid.

This is MAC's Fix Plus and we use this to wet one end of the dual applicator. Makes picking up cream Eyeshadows a lot easier.

This is exactly how you would wet the applicator make the distance greater because you don't want to soak the sponge.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bold Gold" my fav!!

I use circular motions with the "Bold Gold" because it tends to clump up really easily. I was always joke it's made out of real gold because it's soo soft!

Apply "Bold Gold" eyeshadow to your entire lid

MAC's "Embark" is a deep dark brown and very matte! Perfect for contouring the lid.

Using the blending brush and taking "Embark" we are going to contour our crease with this color it makes our "Bold Gold" the star of this show!

Taking a color of your choice to highlight under the arch of your eyebrow. I'm using this shimmery color here, it's my favorite and I use it to highlight no matter what color I use. (E.L.F. Palette)

Begin in the middle and fan out to the end of the brow. I like to draw attention to my brow so I do a heavy layer, but it's up to you

Line your eyeliner with a gel eyeliner. This look is really dramatic so I use a really thick eyeline.

Using a gold glitter...

Apply to bottom lash line stopping in the center

Now take the angled eyeshadow brush and take "Embark" and begin forming a line through your lower lash line, repeat until your color is bold

The Eyes Final Look

Thanks for watching! See y'all next time ✌💋

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