How to make a healthy meal for a whole family to enjoy.

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These are all the ingredients for a Greek Salad

Slice the cucumber into quarters

Using a spoon, pick up the olives and place them in the dish you have set out for this Greek Salad

After mixing the jumble of foods around, sit the plate off to the side and begin on your next task

These are the ingredient required to create the Caesar Salad (mayonnaise can be used)

Peel the Cheese very thin

Boil the eggs for 14 minutes on the top of a stove

Place the fish on the grill plate and cook for 15 minutes turning the fish over once

After at least 7 minutes begin to turn the fish over, be careful though the fish will have began to stick to the grill plate

This is what the finished result should look like.

Time to dig in

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