How to cook chicken spinach artichoke pasta

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Go ahead and put your pasta on boil. (Just incase you didn't know, always bring your water to a boil before pouring your pasta in)

Brown your chicken breasts, cut up and set aside.

Melt some butter in a big pot. Maybe about 3 to four tbsps.

Throw some minced garlic in the melted butter. A lot....lots of garlic.

Throw your frozen spinach in the mix to thaw and coat with yummy stuff.

Once your spinach is coated and heated, set aside. Then throw more butter in the pot and melt.

Drain your artichokes and cut up into bite size pieces.

Throw your artichoke pieces in the buttery pot and stir for a couple minutes, until they look yummy like this.

With all of the leftovers on the pot go ahead and melt more butter (prob not the healthiest of dishes huh?) and scrape the sides mixing the flavor in. Add flour until you make a paste.

Then add milk until it's the consistency you want (you are making your sauce so it's up to your liking) typically you add cheese here, but I add it last because it seems to coat things better.

If you want to go ahead and add your cheese, it's very yummy. Again, personal preference. Add salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste.

Stir in your set aside prepared goodies: chicken, artichokes, pasta and spinach.

Add your parm and mozzarella. (If you haven't already)

It's so pretty!

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