How to make a pizza paddle

Make a template. Shape the template the way you picture your pizza paddle.

Make sure you are wearing plastic goggles and an apron to protect your eyes and clothes


Draw out your template showing the shape you want the pizza paddle to be, include where you're going to put the different wood peices.


Collect the types of wood you need so it fits your template


Start glueing the wood together rubbing it so the air bubbles aren't still between the wood.

PVA glue

Start sanding with the sanding machine and the sandpaper



Your pizza paddle will look something like this once glued and sanded

Use a pencil to Start to draw where your going to cut for shape

Go to the bindsaw and begin cutting leaving the line there.

Small band saw

Band saw

You may use the bobbing sander to shape it, the thicknessing machine, the sanding machines to make it smooth.

Bobbing sander

Once your board is in shape and cut accurately, you need to place a mat down for oiling. Get the oil and put a small amount of oil on board and Spread out across the board with a cloth. Do on all side



Once dried, go over the board with steal wool

Steal wool

Continue the same 2 steps 2 more times

You have now finished making a pizza paddle!

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