How to create a 3d to 2d sculpture drawing project

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Before you start messing with plaster, build a base for your sculpture out of found objects and/or junk.

Combine 2 parts plaster plus 1 part water plus a teaspoon of salt in a baggie and squish around till smooth.

Once the plaster is smooth, put your fabric square in the plastic bag and coat the fabric with the plaster.

Take the coated fabric and drape it on your wire/skewer creation.

Quickly smooth the fabric into the position you want your sculpture to have.

The plaster dries very quickly.

Yes, it is a messy project!

Once your fabric is draped the way you want it add color with tissue paper, paints and colors.

You can add as much or as little color as you like.

Now that the sculpture is complete, get paper and pencil and sketch.

That it. It's a great 3d to 2d project. Thanks TAEA teachers for letting me take pictures of your projects.

Watch the video: Make a base Relief. Statue in a 60 sec with Zbrush


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