How to make gluten free red lentil kofta, a turkish speciality

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170g/1cup add 1.5 cup water boil . 30 mins. Check. Stir add hot water if necessary. They should become rather dry and easy to mash

Add 1 TBsp tomato paste

10-12 spring onions-slice or scallions

Add 1TBsp tomato paste

Cut scalions


Minced parsley

The spices chili flakes, cumin, turmeric, paprika and black peppet

The salt

All the spices. Mix

1 cup cooked quinoa

135g/1 cup cooked quinoa

Lentils/tomato paste are done

Add 2TBsp olive oil. Adjust spices. Add 1 lemon juice. Mix

Add the parsley and the scallions. Mix .

Form by hands. They will make around 30 pieces. It is a squeeze between the palm and the fingers...a child's play so easy and fast.. Brush them with olive oil. They tend to form a dry crust

Or Serve on small lettuce leaves...sucrines

Decorate with some ciboulette or the stems of the scallions some more cut parsley. Ready to serve

It is a nice finger food platter for big parties. It makes around 30 peices

Watch the video: Lentil Flat Bread

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