How to make a danish christmas star

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Get your supplies if it's not possible for you to buy ready made star stripes make them yourself

To make them yourself take some paper and cut of 4 pieces that are 45cm long and 1,5 cm wide fold it in half so that it only looks like it is 22,5cm long make sure it is very strait and even !!

Line up 4 strips for one star if you are a beginner use white paper I am using 4 different to illustrate how to do it

Cut a triangel of the bottom of each so you get a sharp end this step is very important !

Make the stripy one go though the red make sure the ends face the same way as on this picture

Then make the red go though the spotted

Then make the spotted go though the white and the white through the stripy

Tighten carefully

Fold the top of one strip over middle

Then go anti clock wise and fold the top of each over the middle

Like so ...

With the last one you fold it under the first one you folded

And tighten fold back the white strip so it makes a little triangle

Make a loupe like so and fold it under the spotted

And pul gently in the other end

Now you have one triangle (I will call these flat triangles because they are not 3D)

Make 3 more flat triangles out of every second strip

Turn over your star

And start making flat triangles out of all the ones you missed out

Make the loupe

Like this

Do all 4. Now your star looks like this ! If not go back and find out what you did wrong

Bend a strip back (doesn't matter witch one ) make sure you don't smash the flat triangle under neath I bent the spotted back

Bend back the red to make another triangle

Make this loupe and fold it under the spotted

Slide the (in this case ) red strip under the bent - back spotted strip

So it goes through the spotted flat triangle

Now you have a pointy triangle in 3Dnow continue by folding the next one under your newest 3D Triangle

Slide it under when you have finished one side do the other one

Your end must not look like this one above !!

Hold your star like this so you don't ruin what you've already done !

Do not hold like this then you will with out doubt ruin it

Slide strip under the point triangle

Cut of all the ends

This is what your star should look like

Put all the rubbish in a bin

You have now got a beautiful Christmas star (hopefully)

Make sure not to smash any of them otherwise your star won't look very nice

If you did ruin your star because you were not listening you can still save it just gently fold your ruined one out again and the fold it again

This is the same star as before and this picture was taken after I ruined and repaired it if you tear your strip completely off and you hadn't finished then try to tape it together and fold

The end

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