How to make easy fudge candy cookies

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We used two rolls of peanut butter cookie dough, but any kind of cookie dough will do - refrigerated or homemade. You will want enough to cover the bottom of the cookie sheet completely.

Spray the bottom of your cookie dough pan with Baker's Joy (no-stick spray with flour) and preheat your oven to whatever temp your refrigerated dough or recipe says to use. (350 degrees for us.)

Press the cookie dough in the jelly roll/cookie pan as if you were making bar cookies. Smooth down any edges next to side of pan - you are aiming for a completely flat surface.

(If you are using your hands to press the cookie dough, try spraying them with Baker's Joy - it will help the dough not stick to you!)

Bake dough according to your dough's directions (for us, 12 minutes at 350 degrees), then let cool. Better to underbake than overbake!

When the cookie pan has cooled, mix together the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. The better quality chocolate used, the better the fudge.

Be sure to use a dry spoon or spatula when stirring the chocolate chips and condensed milk. Water droplets will make the chocolate "seize" and not look very pretty.

Microwave on medium power for about a minute. Stir, then microwave for another minute. The mixture is done when, after stirring, it is a uniform chocolate color, a little glossy, and is spreadable.

Spread the chocolate fudge with the spatula on to the cookie. Try to make the chocolate as even as possible. Work quickly, because it will begin to "set" almost immediately!

Mmm, chocolate.

Scatter the candy so there is an even amount over the chocolate. Press lightly so that the candy is pushed down into the fudge.

We used red and green M&Ms for a Christmas party, but you can use anything - chopped candy bars, crushed candy canes, even crushed Oreos or pretzels.

Chill to finish setting/hardening the fudge, then cut into small squares. A very sharp knife works best. This is very rich, calorie heavy stuff, so small is definitely the way to go!

Depending on the size of square, makes somewhere around 40 - 60 squares.

Watch the video: Holiday Candy Recipe: Easy Christmas Fudge. Only 3 Ingredients!

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