How to make broken crayon ornaments

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Cull broken crayons and peel them. I made my preschooler do it, since she takes great joy in peeling all her crayons

Take your naked crayon and smash it into shards. I like to roll a rolling pin over them in a plastic bag, but this time I just used my nail to shave a few chunks off the end.

I may have been collecting crayons for awhile. :/ I'm going to start with those pink chips on the table.

Drop a few crayon shards in the ornament and put the top back on.

Use the blow dryer to melt the crayons while you slowly rotate the ornament. The ornament can get pretty hot, so watch your fingers.

Add another color (white for me), if you like, and repeat the melting and rotating.

I added purple too.

Just don't add too many colors or too many shards at once or you get a muddy mess. Oops.

Let cool and enjoy your new ornaments.

Watch the video: Testing CRAYOLA CRAYON MELTER + Custom Canvas Shoes with Crayons!


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