How to cook besan ka halwa/gram flour sweet

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take 1 cup besan (gram flour)

sieve it

in a pan add slightly less than 3/4 almosttt 3/5 cup sugar

and 1 cup water

cook until whole sugar gets dissolved

sieve again

In another pan or karahi add ghee

meanwhile in sugar syrup add dried coconut

chop some dried dates

clean some raisins

crush some almonds

add all of them to sugar syrup

now coming towards my pan .. add besan (gram flour) to heated ghee and make sure heat is set to medium to low

like this

stir it while cooking

make sure to continuously stir otherwise it wont be cooked evenly

after sometime it will start changing its color a little bit

here it is.. and it will produce strong aroma.. make sure that you don't over or under cook it.. over cooked will result in very hard end product and undercooked wont taste good

as soon as u feel strong aroma (strong means strong) and it starts changing its color add your sugar syrup instantly

continuously mix it

it will start leaving pan

you can add some extra desi ghee at this step if you want and if not then you can skip this part

it will start leaving little bit ghee and that shows it's almost done


and enjoy :)

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