How to makeleopard makeup

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Paint your face slightly white all over

Then take a darker face paint or foundation and draw in the shapes you see on the picture on both sides of your face, and under your nose.

The apply some darker face paint or foundation on the side of your forehead, and the bridge of the nose.

And the side of your face

Blend it out

Blend all over

Place brown eyeshadow around your eye, also a little bit under. Then draw a thick black line around you eye.

Make the black line go a bit down towards you nose and up towards your brow

To make the spots, take som dark brown eyeshadow and draw different size circles all over your face. Then take a black eyeliner pen and draw black lines on the one half side of the spot.

Paint the tip of your nose and mouth black, and some dots to resemble whiskers

Make your hair in to ears or buy some plastic ones

All done!

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