How to make my way chicken soup

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1. Slice the shallot thinly and fry until golden brown 2. Set aside and use as condiment 3. Use the same oil to fry the onions and spices

1. The powdered spices and the raw ones 2. For chicken soup, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder is added to lessen the 'chicken smell' 3. Put in more fennel if you want to have sweeter smell for chicken

1. Onion, garlic and ginger, pounded or blended

1. As usual, I use coconut oil to fry the shallot 2. Next, fry the raw spices 3. Put in the onios, garlic and ginger

1. Put in the powdered spices, fry for a while until everything is well mixed

1. Put in the chicken and mix it well with the ingredients2. The secret of mixing the chicken before adding the water is to make the soup smells better

1. The well mixed chicken with the ingredients 2. Make sure it's on low heat 2. Pour in 5 cups of water or depends on how light or heavy the soup is

1. Let the mixture boils then put in potatoes and carrot 2. Let it simmer for a while until the potatoes are cooked 3. Put in a little bit of pepper

1. Make sure the salt is put after the potatoes are cooked 2. Served with chinese celery or celery and spring onion 3. Great with plain rice!

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