How to cook three meat mac n cheese

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I did not take a picture of the ingredients, but I did take a picture of my nice new ( smaller) kitchen.... It's lovely but oh my it's little lol

Cut up your sausage, or break it up if using loose sausage. This is sweet Italian. Use what you like. If using link sausage, cut it while its still mostly frozen, it's much easier!

Olive oil and garlic in a pan on med-high heat.

I use this, it's fast, simple and keeps for a long time. Any brand is fine. Also the juice it's in is great for flavoring thing but not having the bits in it!

Boil some water. Add a pinch if salt.

When your garlic begins to sizzle, toss your sausage in.

Be gentle, it'll start to fall apart if you aren't.

I got this on close out for cheaper than the store brand. It was good but I like the white cheddar one from Kroger a bit better.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture before I started mixing. Add sour cream, cream cheese, and cheese powder packets and whip, starting on low and working up to high for about 5 minutes.

Pour in the macaroni and stir it.

Yummy whipped cheese sauce. If you like a thinner sauce add some half and half or some milk. I like this type of Mac and cheese thick.

When the sausage is just about done, add the butter, the pepperoni and the bacon bits.

Mmmm yummy. I warm you though, it's a little greasy and the pepperoni makes it a little salty, you can drain the sausage before adding the other stuff, or add a touch of brown sugar to cut some...

Of the saltiness. Or just leave out the pepperoni and replace it with something else.

When the macaroni is done drain it.

Add the hot macaroni to the cheese sauce.

Yummy! As a side note, you could leave out all the meat and just eat the Mac n cheese like this. It's fabulous.

Mix in the meat mixture.

Add the shredded cheese.

Okay here's where I goofed. I forgot to take a picture if the finished meal.... Everyone was too hungry lol! You can serve this immediately, or if you wanna get fancy, mix softened butter with...

Breadcrumbs till crumbly, add Mac m cheese to a casserole dish and sprinkle breadcrumb/butter crumbles over the top and bake at 350 till browned.

Thanks for following, and stay tuned for more recipes and diys!

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