How to cook a healthy 'model approved' breakfast (no grain, gluten,sugar)

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Here are all of the ingredients! If you are eating hardcore paleo then go ahead and leave the butter out and substitute the (whole)milk for a non-dairy version. (any nut milk like almond or coconut)

Divide the banana in two and put one half aside for now.

Take your fork and start mashing the banana.

Continue mashing it until it's a more or less even consistency. Use the sides for help!

Add in your two eggs. Spare non of it! It's a great source of protein :)

Whisk it all together.

Add a bit of whole milk (or other types of milk if you don't eat dairy). You can also leave the milk out completely but I just like the way it makes the texture a little creamier.

Season with cinnamon and a pinch of salt. If you like it really sweet you can leave out the salt but I think it just adds so much flavor and to me it tastes more like "real" porridge!

Put it on medium heat. (3/5)

Change to a spoon and start stirring. Remember to keep an eye on it as it burns easily, especially with the milk!

In-between stirring, cut your banana! First lengthwise..

Turn it over and cut it lengthwise again.

Now cut it into small "cubes" (or pieces if you will.)

Don't know why I just explained that in detail.. I'm sure you get the idea! ;) banana --> cubes

Remember to keep stirring once in a while. Just be patient and soon the magic will start to happen!

Tada! Okay so maybe it doesn't look so good.. But you are doing it right! The eggs will slowly start to scramble and you just keep scraping it of the bottom.

When your "porridge" reaches this consistency it's time to add in those banana pieces that we carefully cut earlier on! :)

It's coming together! Just stir it together and turn off the heat. If you cook it for too long at this point the banana chunks will start oozing out a sweet liquid.

Place in a bowl. Not the most delicious looking thing but I promise you, the taste is divine!

Place some butter on top! I love me some butter and I use it all the time when cooking. Butter you say?!? - Do your research (paleo/lchf) and you'll see that (the right) fat is your friend! :)

Sprinkle with cinnamon for some extra flavor. You can also top it with fresh fruit or apple compote (make sure the only ingredient is, yep , apple!) No need for sweetener cause the banana does that.

Voilà la! My healthy, filling, super delicious, all time favorite breakfast. Enjoy! :) Please let me know if there is any other topic you'd like me to cover like skin/hair care, makeup, modeling etc.

Be sure to check out my blog where I update daily and take you backstage and into my life as a full time model in Paris, including interviews with MUA's and people in fashion :*

*disclaimer* I can only speak from personal experience. Everyone is different so go for what ever floats your boat. This is just what works for me :)

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