How to make jukuka bamboo necklace

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These are all materials you will need. If you are under 16, I recommend you make this necklace under adult supervision.

Start by sawing bamboo.

For this necklace you will need 3 pieces 5.5cm (2.17") long, and 7 pieces 4cm (1.57") long.

Rub down all the tubes with sandpaper until smooth. Make sure to rub down the edges.

Clean the surface of all tubes using nail polish remover, and let them dry.

Mix your paint. Make sure you have high quality white paint, otherwise it may not mix well together.

Start painting the tubes. Let them dry, and then apply the second coat.

When the tubes are dry, you can start painting the inner part and the edge. One coat is usually enough.

When the tubes are completely dry, you can varnish them. And again, leave them to dry.

Meanwhile measure your rope, and tape it down before you cut, to prevent from fraying.

And cut the rope.

Burn the end of the rope, so that it melts together. You might want to try it before on a small piece, and not too far from the sink, just in case ))

Now you can remove the tape.

Put some glue to a cap, and glue it to the rope.

And do the same thing for the other end of the rope.

Once the glue is dry, attach 2 jumprings to each side + the lobster clasp to one of the ends.

Attaching.. ))

And you are almost done! :) Put your bamboo pieces on the rope!


And of course you can always purchase a necklace from Jukuka Bamboo shop :)

Watch the video: Bamboo Jewellery 2

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