How to make a bee collage

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Paint 5 toilet paper rolls yellow.

Fold each roll in half to make it flat.

After folding in half fold into the middle

Fold the other side back to make a "Z" shape. You will have folded it into thirds.

Unfold and now you have a hexagonal prism

You can pinch each point to give the hexagon definition. (Optional)

Start cutting each roll into 4 fairly even pieces.

You should now have this.

Put 2 sets of three side-by-side. Glue them together.

Repeat the last step but this time with 4 hexagons.

Repeat the last step with 5 hexagon pieces.

Glue the 3 and 4 hexagon parts together directly on top of each other.

Repeat the step before (step 13) again.

Glue the 5 hexagon piece row to each 4 piece row. Both sides of the 5 hexagon row should have a 4 piece row connected on top and bottom. You know have finished the honeycomb part.

Paint the styrofoam balls yellow.

Stab a pipe cleaner into the middle of a styrofoam ball.

Wrap it around the middle of the ball.

Cut the rest off and stab it in to the ball to secure the pipe cleaner.

Slip another pipe cleaner underneath the pipe cleaner already there. (Between the ball and pipe cleaner.)

Wrap the other side of the pipe cleaner around and make a loop.

Slip the part you just wrapped around between the pipe cleaner and ball.

You should have something like this. Now cut the long pipe cleaner to a desired length.

Draw a face onto the bee using your black marker.

Cut a piece of wire long enough to hold two styrofoam balls together.

Take another pipe cleaner and make a circle. Wrap it around to make it stay in place.

Cut the rest of the pipe cleaner off.

Put the wire into the head of the the bee. Put glue around the wire.

Put the circle that you made in step 27 around the wire.

Put another ball on the other end of the wire.

Stab a pipe cleaner into the middle of the second ball.

Wrap it around the middle of the ball.

Stab the pipe cleaner into the ball to secure it. (Just like making the head.)

You should now have your bees.

Put each bee into a hexagon.

Now you are DONE!

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