How to make succulent beef burgers from scratch

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Silverside beef is a decent roast-type of meat but I find that with the right amount of fat added, it's an even better burger. Costs around €10/Kg. Ask butcher to mince it twice. Never buy ready meat!

Don't compress the meat or mush it together. In fact, we'll pull the minced strings apart in just a second. Notice the nice blend of fat throughout. No bread crumbs or eggs needed to keep it together!

Place the butcher's paper on a large surface on your kitchen counter and fan out the minced meat so you can see as much surface area as possible. This will help to marinate it fast and throughout.

Spread these three amigos generously throughout. Then mix carefully without mushing the meat together and repeat. The liquids will add incredible moisture and salinity, so no need to add extra salt.

Now we are ready to start dividing into patties.

I made 9 patties of varying size and thickness based on my guests' preferences.

Use parchment paper to separate the patties, cover with plastic wrap and leave them alone for 20 minutes.

Heat the grill to a maximum temp and toss the patties on for 2 minutes, then flip. Continue flipping and rotating so you get grill marks throughout (that's where all the flavour is!)

After about 6 minutes (flipping every 2), place your choice of cheese on top and warm up your bread buns. I buy American style buns that are thinner and less spongy than the regular buns you find.

These are cooked medium-well, although my personal preference is medium, especially since we know exactly what type of meat went into making them.

Add mayo/ketchup/mustard and condiments as you please. I love using Sriracha sauce to add some kick. Tabasco sauce will do the trick too ;)


Super juice patty that did not break during the cook. The more time you spend prepping the patties, the more success you'll have. Enjoy!

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