How to draw a fashion figure

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NOTE: Don't forget to tap each picture!

Fashion figures are mostly made up of 9 heads. This makes the models taller and thin.

Before you proceed, I just want to say that I'm not pro at drawing fashion figures. I'm still learning, so bear with me please. :D

Lightly draw a line in the middle. Divide into 9 sections/heads. I do my heads 1.5cm each.

Sketch a head for the first head. I also numbered each section/head, so I don't get confused. I recommend you do this too.

Sketch the neck and shoulders. You can make your neck short or long, however you like. Oh, I also labeled most of the heads.

Draw diagonal lines that meet up on the bottom of head 3 (Waist)

Connect those lines.

Sketch the bottom of the waist and draw disco shorts. You can make adjustments later.

Make two dots in the middle of head 6 (Knees). That's where the knees will go.


Now draw the rest of the legs. I also drew knee indications.

Draw two circles as shown.

Draw lines for the arms.

Complete both arms. (Please ignore the mittens, I'm still practising :))

I also made some adjustments because the figure looks masculine and drew circles for the joints.

Now make your last adjustments. (Yes, I know the waist is crooked :P)

Outline everythang with pen. Yes, I know the sides are messed up :P

I gave her a leotard-like bottom...

Anyway, erase the pencil lines and draw your fashion designs! Colour it in, because it looks good when it's coloured in :)

You can leave it as is, or draw whatever else you like and you're done! :D

One last thing: If your models don't look right (proportional), keep practising. Trust me, 🎶You are not alone🎶 - Michael Jackson

Thanks for viewing! :)

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