How to brew coffee in a siphon

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All the gears you need

Grain coffee

Start to grain

Grain done!

Filter and top chamber of the siphon

Place the filter into the top chamber of the siphon

Let the chain fall down the tube and pull the chain down until you are able to attach the set hook to hold it in place.

Add 3 cups of boiled water to the lower globe and put the heat source underneath.

Once the water start boiling, put the top chamber into the bottom chamber. *DO NOT push, else you won't be able to separate them later.

Add the coffee

Perform the 1st stir. Coffee should be saturated in 3~5 seconds.

Do the 2nd stir after 20~30 second.

Do the 3rd stir after another 20~30 seconds.

Remove the heat, and the brew will begin dropping.

The drawdown should last for 30~60 seconds.

Decant the brew from bottom chamber into another serving vessel.

Enjoy your first siphon coffee and having a relaxing afternoon.

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