How to make a fun summer frame

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Paint the little dowel stand, also. Set both pieces aside to dry.

The stickers we're using include many fun phrases. Choose one or two to decorate the popsicle stick.

If the sticker you choose doesn't cover the whole popsicle stick you can add a piece from another sticker

Cut a piece of one of the border stickers to put on one side of the clothespin.

Wrap a piece of baker's twine around the clothespin and tie in a knot or a bowl. Trim the ends if they are too long.

Remove the insert from your frame and lay it on your scrapbook paper. Trace around the insert then cut out the scrapbook paper.

Add a thin layer of tacky glue to the insert. Be sure to run the glue close to the edges.

Layer the paper over the glue and press down firmly.

Choose a few stickers to decorate the insert. You can include pop dots under one or two of the stickers for added interest. Remember that the very bottom of your insert will be hidden by the frame.

Return the insert to your frame. Glue the back of the popsicle stick near the top of your frame.

Let the glue dry for a couple of hours and then you can clip your favorite summer photos in to enjoy all year long.

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